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Eat healthy & with relish – reduce your footprint with our RRC concept

Reuse, Recycle, Compost

Our unique sustainability concept

From the ingredients to the packaging our products must work for you in everyday life and should bring you joy. That’s why they are thought out to the last detail and caringly and sustainably packaged.

When it comes to food, the challenge to protect it in a food-safe manner as well as to package it in an environmentally friendly way is enormous. 
We developed our sustainability concept, committed to further development:

RRC = Reuse, Recycle, Compost

Our packaging is home-compostable and reusable prior to recycling. In our magazine, you can find ideas and information about the use of our reusable packaging, how our home-compostable packaging degrades, and how you can hand our recyclable packaging back to its lifecycle.

Home-compostable are:

  • our food-save stand-up and refill pouch
  • our drinking bottle
  • our tissue paper

Reusable and recyclable are:

  • our Miron glass jar
  • our tin can
  • our cartons, that are are FSC-certified and, accordingly, come from timber from responsible forestry

Our home-compostable packaging

Our stand-up pouch is home-compostable. We use it on the one hand for our porridge and powder products and the smaller versions for the portions and your refill so that you can refill your Miron glass jars with it. As a member of innovation networks, we developed with partners the home-compostable and food-safe stand-up bag, which is now also available to other small businesses as well as large-scale industry.

Our tissue paper is likewise home-compostable. You can reuse it and then put it into your household compost or biodegradable waste pickup, where it will reintegrate into the natural cycle.

Apart from the lid, our drinking bottles are fully home-compostable.

At the end of their long life, you can put them into your household compost or the biodegradable waste pickup, where they will decompose to soil and return to the natural cycle.

To compost is the easiest way of natural waste removal: We bring the renewable resources directly back into their cycle.

It is versatile for sports, free-time, and at work, and consists of:

  • Renewable sugar cane fibers
  • Non-toxic
  • Odorless & tasteless
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • 100% BPA free
  • Has an easy-grip surface & secure, tight screw-on lids
  • Has a large opening for easy refilling
  • Can be ordered with different mouthpieces (normal, ice hockey)
  • Mouthpieces can be ordered separately
  • It contains no raw materials consisting of food resources
  • No plasticizer / softener are used in its production

Our reusable and recyclable packaging

We chose our attractive Miron glass jars and cartons with reusability in mind. Before packaging is disposed for recycling, it can be reused for a long time and with diverse possibilities.

We use our attractive dark and high-quality Miron glass jar to protect the contents from light (UVA) and other influences, and thus to preserve the nutrients. You can order the lid separately should it not keep up with the long life of the glass. If a product is used completely, you don’t have to order a new jar, but rather you can refill it at any time with our home-compostable refill bag. After use as a product glass, you can use it for various other purposes. Should a jar no longer be usable, in Switzerland you can, for example, dispose of it in normal glass recycling for brown-colored glass. 

Our tin can is practical and virtually indestructible. It provides you with a sustainable alternative for storing your products. These cans can be readily used for years, if not decades, and can be recycled at the end of their life. If you want to store product in the tin can, then fill it with the contents from the home-compostable stand-up bag. So you will always know which of our products is in the can:

  • Separate the paper tab on the perforated sport and
  • Fasten the product description on the front of the can with the small BE THE CHANGE® magnet. You will find this magnet in the lid of the tin can.

All of our cartons are FSC-certified and, accordingly, come from timber from responsible forestry. You can reuse the packages for various purposes before disposing of them for recycling – there are no limits to your imagination. You can dispose of all of our cartons in cardboard recycling at the end of their life.

If you open one of our bags, you will want to be able to safely and easily reseal it. For this, we will give you our attractive and practical wooden clip. It is made from renewable Swiss basswood and is carefully produced by hand with a great deal of dedication at the social therapeutic community of Stiftung Rüttihubelbad.