Created in Harmony with Nature

Truly Swiss made, fair und gentle produced, recyclable and homecompostable packaged 

Sustainability is Easy Actionable

Sustainability is widely talked about, but what does sustainability mean in relation to food and nutrition? Food is the basis of our life. The global population is growing and, with that, the demand for food as well. In order to cover this, more and more food must be grown, harvested, packaged, and transported.

And new natural food sources must be found and innovated. What we choose from the variety of food available, has a direct impact on our footprint, that is, sustainability.

Working sustainably requires all individual steps – from the selection and origin of the ingredient to packaging and distribution – to be acknowledged as a whole. Our guiding principle is to generate value already during the process and not to only invest in environmental and social projects as a means of compensation. 

Our sustainable commitment:

  • We conserve, preserve, and create resources.
  • We generate value for environmental and social projects already during the manufacturing process.
  • We advocate specifically for sustainable animal welfare.
  • We invest in and innovate on new sustainable food sources.
  • We develop new sustainable packaging.
  • We value the work of all people involved in the creation of value and pay fair wages and prices.
  • People of all ages and backgrounds are involved in our supply chain.

From the ingredients to the packaging, our actions are the same – our products must work for you in everyday life and should bring you joy. That’s why they are thought out to the last detail and caringly and sustainably packaged.

We live sustainability

Human beings

Food is our sustenance. Health is our guiding principle, for what we eat and drink influences our well-being and our quality of life.  This is why we are informing you about the ingredients we use, about our production, and our challenges. We work sustainably throughout the entire process of creating value. For us, this includes paying the people in our supply chain fair prices and wages and enabling individual work models.

Social caring

We value the work of every single person involved in our company. Our attractive wooden clips, manufactured by the people at Stiftung Rüttihubelbad, are an example for value creation being collective, integrative work. 

Animal welfare

High-quality ingredients of animal origin can only come from healthy animals from species-appropriate ethical husbandry. We actively advocate for organic animal husbandry, which also ensures free-range feeding on wholesome pastures as well as native and species-appropriate feed for the animals. Permanent changes for the well-being of the animal requires the transparent traceability of the ingredients back to the origin, e.g. to the farm. Here, it is essential to be prepared to pay the higher price for the ingredients in order to allow the animal to have its species-appropriate life. 

Our ingredients

Our products are Swiss-made, as organic and gentle blended. They meet the statutory criteria of the Swiss Federal Swissness Act. In addition, we manufacture in Switzerland (made in Switzerland). This has several benefits:

  • The traceability of the ingredients is easy and reliable.
  • The purity of the raw materials, and therefore the certainty of anti-doping, is also ensured.
  • The transportation routes are shorter.
  • We acquire valuable ingredients from other countries if they do not exist in Switzerland.
  • If we acquire an ingredient from another country, we respectively try to compensate this with our logistics strategy.